The McCartney Years was founded in 2007

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Paul McCartney

Linda McCartney

Denny Laine

Jimmy McCullough

Joe English

Joseph Duprey

Yuri George J. Pool as Paul McCartney

Lead vocals, bass, guitar, piano

Lead singer and performer, Yuri Pool, began his epic musical journey as a little boy in Holland, listening to his dad’s treasured Beatles and Wings records and subsequently requesting a guitar for his 11th birthday.

Completely self-taught, Yuri made his professional musical debut in the UK, when he was cast in a major theatrical Beatles music production that toured the world, which allowed him to learn, experience, and perfect the nuances of Paul McCartney’s legendary music and performance style.

After migrating to Canada in 2007, Yuri embarked as an entrepreneur – he single-handedly developed The McCartney Years into a period-true, technically stunning, and sonically explosive production reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s World tours of the 1970’s.

Whether he’s playing the iconic Rickenbacker bass or emulating the same wardrobe from the “Wings over America” mid-70s tour, Yuri is true to Sir Paul’s vocal stylings and presentation showcased in tracks like ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘Let it Be’, ‘The Long and Winding Road’ and ‘Jet’. His commitment to 100% live and accurate reproductions of Paul McCartney’s concert experience and his tireless, passionate work creating and expanding The McCartney Years has received accolades from Wings guitarist, Denny Laine, and was famously praised by Beatles promoter, Sid Bernstein, as “the best on the scene today…”

Yuri continues to dedicate all his work and time solely to the band – meticulously studying the detailed essence of Paul’s legacy and the journey that resulted in the brilliance of Rockshow, which has set a new and undeniable precedence for all the other tribute-and-beyond bands of today.


Jennifer Pool as Linda McCartney

Backing vocals, Mellotron, piano, organ, percussion

Jennifer Pool, off-stage and on-stage wife to lead singer, Yuri Pool, was born and raised on a horse farm in Michigan, where she helped train and ride competitive show-jumping and dressage horses. The family farm currently serves as a rescue haven for abandoned and abused animals, including a zebra!

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in biological sciences from Cornell University, and she completed a PhD in public health from Walden University while she acted and modeled in California. She is the author of two children’s books, both of which benefit a slum school she works with in Nairobi, Kenya. Jennifer met Yuri and his sweet 8 year old son, Julian, in Canada in the spring of 2015, and the three of them were married the following year in an intimate ceremony in the mountains of Montana.

Leaning heavily on her theatrical background and the musical guidance of the entire band, Jennifer joined The McCartney Years as Linda in the Spring of 2017. Yuri and Jennifer have a dog named “Mac” who was born on Paul McCartney’s birthday, Jennifer shares her birthday with Linda McCartney, and Jennifer and Yuri welcomed a baby girl on August 27, 2017, just a few hours shy of Mary McCartney’s birthday. Some people call that “next-level” commitment!

Dylan McKenzie-Trost as Denny Laine

Backing vocals, bass, guitar, piano, percussion​

During his teen years, Dylan explored many different styles of music and expanded his instrumental palette.  Realizing it would enable him to connive his way into more bands, he picked up bass guitar and began singing outside of the safety of his shower. In pursuit of his broad appreciation and understanding of music, Dylan graduated from Fanshawe College’s Radio Broadcasting program in 2008 in London, Ontario, Canada, and its Music Industry Arts program in 2010. Both times he managed to accrue Academic Honours, as well as awards for Best Producer, and Best Performance. David currently teaches students how to turn their amps up to 11 at Walter’s Music School in London, Ontario. He also writes, records and performs his own original music, having shared the stage with acts such as ‘A Friend In London’, ‘Teenage Kicks’, and ‘Sarah Smith’.

Steven Shinn as Jimmy McCullough

Backing vocals, guitar, bass​

Steven Shinn is an American guitarist and songwriter born and raised in North Hollywood California. He started playing at the age of 11 and found love for the instrument through the inspiration of his 4th grade school guitar teacher. Steven was always immersed in the classic rock sound by his mom and grandmother having the 95.5 radio of Los Angeles on in his household every day. His uncle happens to be a guitar tech for many renowned bands such as 311, Deftones, Gun’s and Roses” and many more. Gifting him his first electric guitar at age 3, he was never inspired to pick it up until he had an elective in Elementary School where his classmates were learning around him. As Steven realized that the instrument wasn’t as hard as it sounded, he discovered it was a great way to get attention which he loved doing as a young child.

Down the line, Steven discovered many influences to his playing such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Johnson, Van Halen, etc… Progressing on the instrument and finding the ability to drop jaws was his number one priority. His favorite styles of music are Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Classical guitar and a bit of Jazz, all combined into one package deal that creates his own sound. At the age of 14, Steven started playing with a band that consisted of a drummer and him as the guitarist. Using a looper pedal to record live rhythm parts to support the background of his solos, the lack of a bass player or secondary guitarist drove him to find something to support the mix of his fiery lead sections.

Currently, Steven is playing in his own four-piece band known as “Leeway”. They frequently play shows all around the La area in venues known as the “Viper Room” and “The Whiskey”. Over the years Steven has done session work for many musicians of all different genres. On March 29th of 2023 Steven was invited to play a fundraiser for children in disparity on the Animal Jam hosted at the Whiskey A GoGo. This led him to jam with celebrity musicians such as Matt Fuller of “Puddle of Mudd” and Dan Kanopka of “Ok Go” who spoke very highly of his musicianship.

Steven is still living in his hometown of North Hollywood at the age of 21, Networking and continuing to get his name out on the music scene with his band. Currently he has an entire repertoire of material written and ready to record before embarking on his first trip as a session player across the states to Michigan. Steven has big plans and wants to pursue his dream that hasn’t changed since the moment he started. That is to go down as one of the greatest guitarists there will ever be and any musical endeavors he may come across will be priceless to his progression.

Brady Bushong as Joe English

Drums, backing vocals​

Drummer and percussionist Brady Bushong received his first drum kit at just 12 years old, and ever since he held onto the drumsticks, he was hooked. What began as a hobby, turned into a full-on obsession!

The first band Brady joined was in his elementary school and it was immediately clear to his teachers and his peers that he had an incredible natural talent and superb timing. Brady’s influences range from the 1960’s mod to the 1970’s rock from the Byrds to The Beatles and from Led Zeppelin to the Paul McCartney & Wings where he derived much of his stylings from.

Upon finishing high school and still very much into drumming, and his desire to pursue his music more, Brady was accepted into the music program at the prestigious Lake Michigan College. There, he expanded his musical horizons by adding many more influences such as jazz, pop, modern rock, and funk. During his time at Lake Michigan College, Brady joined several acts both within the College and outside and began to generate notoriety for his incredible talent, and soon became one of the busiest drummers in the area working several days a week.

While Paul McCartney & Wings, but more particularly Paul McCartney’s drummer Joe English’ (who was chosen by Paul from 50 drummers who auditioned for Wings) work was always a familiar to Brady, his similar style, power, and timing was noticed by The McCartney Years which led him to join the band in the spring of 2024.

Joseph Duprey ​

Backing vocals, Keyboards, percussion, arranger

Joe Duprey is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist hailing from metro-Detroit’s rock/punk scene, having played keyboards, drums, bass, and guitar for various local musical groups.

Joe’s musical journey started when he was just nine years old, taking private piano lessons and immediately taking a liking to Paul McCartney and the Beatles, learning to sing and play “Let It Be”.  He loved McCartney and his songs, and it only made him want to pursue music further. During high school, Joe took every musical extracurricular possible, including marching and symphonic band, jazz band, show choir, worship band, and musical theater (both on stage and in the pit). He loved all of it.

In 2017, Joe and his high school friends formed an indie garage rock band called Boys N’ Ties. Starting off playing Beatles and classic rock covers, the band soon evolved into performing original music (blending classic, indie, and punk rock elements) around metro-Detroit and has been doing so for the last seven years. Joe has also gone on to play in many other local groups, including Water Fountain Coins and the Picassos, playing a multitude of instruments and doing vocals.

In addition to his punk and indie rock roots, Joe draws great inspiration from rock pianists such as Billy Joel and Elton John. Learning songs by both John and Joel helped solidify his confidence and stamina as a musician, but more specifically as a pianist.

But ultimately, Paul McCartney and the Beatles were responsible for Joe’s love for music, and are arguably his biggest influence, so it was an easy decision when he was offered to join The McCartney Years as an auxiliary keyboardist. This summer and beyond, he is enthused to pay homage to that great era of good vibes, and 1970s rock and roll, namely the “The McCartney Years”.

Fun fact about Joe: his two favorite shows are The Simpsons and One Piece, two of the longest-ever running TV series, which means he will never finish them.

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